Photon IT specialises in IT consultancy and bespoke development to provide innovative solutions to streamline processes and enhance efficiency through automation.

At the heart of our services, our IT consultancy expertise focuses on diagnosing and resolving a wide range of technical challenges. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs, offering tailored solutions that drive operational efficiency and business growth through cutting-edge technology and process optimisation.

Our approach to custom development is centred around flexibility and excellence. If off the shelf solutions fall short, we step in to design and implement bespoke software that is perfectly tailored to your business needs. By sourcing the finest developers from across the globe, we ensure not only exceptional quality but also great value. This global talent pool enables us to deliver solutions that are not just technically superior but also perfectly moulded to fit the unique contours of your business operations and objectives.

Common Questions

Online meetings and remote access allow us to work with clients all around the globe. If you are located near Sydney Australia, on site visits can be organised.

Our founder Rob Perrett has been in the business of delivering business centric IT solutions since 2002.

Our process begins with an in-depth data collection phase, where we gain a comprehensive understanding of your business requirements and the existing products in use. Based on this analysis, we can either provide immediate, informed recommendations or conduct thorough market research to explore a range of options. Once a strategy is formulated, we proceed to make tailored recommendations and meticulously implement the plan, ensuring seamless integration with your business operations.

Should we anticipate any potential budget overruns, we immediately communicate this to you, offering a detailed analysis and potential solutions. This ensures that you remain in control of the budget and decision-making process, allowing us to collaboratively adjust the project scope, timeline, or resources to align with your financial constraints and project goals.

Robert Perrett


Founded in 2017 by Robert Perrett, Photon IT began as a boutique firm specializing in IT consulting and custom development. Recognizing the untapped potential of the innovative solutions he developed over the years, Rob shifted focus to replicating and amplifying this success for a broader clientele.

With a career spanning over two decades in the IT industry, Rob’s journey from support roles to senior system administration and eventually to leadership positions has equipped him with extensive technical expertise and a profound understanding of the industry. His approachable demeanor and effective communication skills enable him to connect with and comprehend the needs of diverse clients. Rob’s experiences, enriched by travels to over 35 countries for both work and leisure, have given him unique insights into various cultural work styles. Based in Sydney, Australia, Photon IT proudly serves a growing client base across the globe, leveraging local expertise with a global perspective.

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